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How to spy on iPhone 13 Pro Max without having the phone? How can I spy on an iPhone 13 Pro Max without installing software on the target phone? How to hack someones iPhone 13 Pro Max with just their number… Dno’t worry about these problems, I’ll share the best solution with you. You’ll spy on target iPhone 13 Pro Max data from the comfort of your favourite armchair.

It’s expensive and won’t be for everyone, but the iPhone 13 Pro Max is a great phone in just about every area. Despite this being the case, the iPhone 13 Pro Max feels like a more significant revision than the smaller iPhone 12 Pro Max. The iPhone 13 Pro Max has a big, brilliant display and a little more battery life than the 13. It benefits from the improvements that the Max also has: faster speeds, some durability and water resistance improvements, better camera and dual-SIM support.

So, if you are planning to gift a new smartphone to your loved ones, this iPhone 13 Pro Max is definitely the best option in this price segment. Also, you could also get an advantage to use iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App in this device, as the software has just announced that monitoring app would be compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max. I hope that’s a great news for all of you.

Get best spy app for iPhone 13 Pro Max

Supported Devices: Galaxy S22, Motorola Edge 30, ROG Phone 5 Pro, Zenfone 9, Galaxy A12, Galaxy S22 Ultra, Galaxy A52s, iPhone 13 Pro Max, Moto G200, OnePlus 10 Pro, Xiaomi 12, Xperia Pro-I, iPhone 13, iPhone 12 Pro Max, Galaxy Note 20, Galaxy S22 Plus, Xiaomi 12 Pro, Galaxy S23, etc.

Hot Features Of iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App

iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App includes a jailbreak edition and a no-jailbreak edition, and both editions work in a discreet and tamper-proof mode. With the no-jailbreak edition, you can monitor an iPhone 13 Pro Max without installing any application.

Well, those who aren’t aware of what iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App is, then let’s just give you an insight about the software and its features. iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy Software is nothing but a software application that you can use if you are willing to spy on any Smartphone may be an iPhone (iPhone SE-iPhone 13 Pro Max). This software:

  • Is used by employers who want to keep a track record of their employees like for how many hours during office timings they are operating on their desks.
  • By parents who want to keep a track of their children’s online phone activities so that they can keep them safe in case if they are falling into some trap.
  • Is very popular among teenagers who want to keep an eye on their cheating partner whom they are suspected of cheating on them.

Software Highlights:

  • The software will allow you to monitor iPhone 13 Pro Max IM Chats such as Facebook, Whatsapp, Snapchat, Instagram, etc. Emails, SMS, Multimedia Files: Images & Videos, Website Browsing History, Contacts, Call Logs, etc.
  • The software holds compatibility with previous iPhone (SE-13) as well.
  • Apart from that it also offers easy refund policy, 24/7 customer support, 3 subscription packages, affordable pricing, and 100% reliability is assured.


Q: How can I spy on an iPhone 13 Pro Max without jailbreaking?

A: iCloud ID and Password are required for the iPhone 13 Pro Max, and the 2-factor authentication must be disabled. If you can’t disable it, you can register a new Apple ID and replace the iCloud ID with the new Apple ID without enabling the 2-factor authentication. Also, iCloud backup must be enabled.

Q: Do I need physical access to the target device?

A: For Android phones/tablets: You need to access the target device (get it in your hand and unlock it with the password/passcode) and physically install iKeyMonitor on it. For iPhone/iPad: No physical access is needed if you have iCloud ID/Password (disabled 2-factor authentication) of the target iPhone/iPad and iCloud backup is enabled. But if you have access to the device and it can be jailbroken, you can enjoy more features like screenshot capturing, keylogging and more.

Q: Can you help me track the phone by its number? Is it possible to find the lost device?

A: Please, be informed that iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App starts collecting data only after being installed on the target device. We do not provide monitoring by the phone or IMEI number, you need to access the device and install the application on it first. Once install our spyware onto the target smartphone, you can locate the location of the iPhone 13 Pro Max through GPS.

How does iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App Works?

iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App collects data from the device on which it is installed and displays it in the Control Panel which you can access using any Internet browser.

To start spying iPhone 13 Pro Max, you need choose the subscription plan and proceed with the purchase. After that you receive an email with the login and password to your personal Control Panel where you also find the installation instructions. Basically you’ll need to have a full authorized physical access to the target device, launch the phone browser, type in the link for downloading the program and proceed with the installation. By installing iPhone 13 Pro Max Spy App, you confirm your intention to use this software legally, i.e. you install this monitoring app on the target device, the device of your underage child or the owner of the device agrees to be monitored. Of course, if you don’t want to install software onto the target phone, you can also choose Non-Jailbroken solution.

1. Sign-Up
First you need to sign up for iPhone monitoring service by selecting the pricing plan that best suits your needs.

2. Connect with iPhone 13 Pro Max
Obtain the iCloud credentials of the non-jailbroken iPhone 13 Pro Max. Choose no-jailbreak package.

3. Start Monitoring
Log into your spying app control panel and start monitoring iPhone 13 Pro Max activities like sms, calls, location, etc.


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