Import 4K MXF from Sony FX6 to Premiere Pro CC

I have video from a Sony FX6 that was shot in 4k. I want to edit it in Premiere Pro CC. How do I properly convert this footage to edit in Premiere Pro CC so I can revert it back to 4k for coloring in post and not lose resolution in the process.

I recorded some 4K MXF footage on Sony FX6 today and decided to see how it looks. I imported it into Premiere Pro CC and everything looks AMAZING, but it can’t playback well when paused. Need help.”

Sony’s upcoming cinema series could potentially lower the bar for entry into the category to more creators. Before the end of the year, the series will launch a completely new cinema camera, the FX6. FX6 is Sony’s newest member of its newly-named Cinema Line. FX6 is the smallest member of the family, joining  VENICE and FX9.

Sony FX6 preliminary details:

  • E-mount
  • 4K and almost surely Full Frame
  • Two internal media card slots. Not sure what kind.
  • Internal ND preset and variable filtration like the FX9.
  • FX6 controls and layouts are familiar to FX9 users.
  • To make the FX6 smaller, there are 2 audio controls on the camera left side instead of 4.

The Sony FX6 is an affordable camcorder with a good looking image, better than average low light performance and UHD 4K recording. Something frustrating, users always met issues when import, play or edit Sony FX6 4K MXF in Premiere Pro CC or other NELs.

The FX6 is the first compact, full-frame camera to offer UHD 4K 4:2:2 capture in the high-quality yet efficient XAVC-I codec. It also enables you to choose from a range of professional XAVC Intra and XAVC Long codecs at bit rates ranging from 35 to 600 Mb/s. What happens with an XAVC is that it’s a small amount of data, but it has to be processed more by the CPU. Therefore, your computer’s CPU performance takes a hit. And it’s bad for post as a general rule. It was only intended as a delivery format… not as an editing / post format.

To import Sony FX6 4K MXF in Premiere Pro CC natively, you need to transcode FX6 4K MXF source into something that is more editable. H.264/MPEG-2 codec is the best choice for Adobe’s Premiere Pro. You can get help from Acrok Video Converter Ultimate (For Windows | For Mac) to get achieve your goal.

This MXF to Premiere Pro converter is clean and safe to install and use. With it, you can effortlessly transcode any 4K files including Sony FX6 MXF to H.264 for Premiere Pro CC as well as Apple InterMediate Codec for iMovie, Apple ProRes for FCP X, DNxHD for Avid Media Composer without losing quality. If you like playing your downloaded movies and purchased Blu-ray discs on your Smart TV or tablet, you can convert all your movies to a common format for playing on any device with this 4K MXF Converter.

Free Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate for MacFree Download Acrok Video Converter Ultimate

After downloading the software on your computer and follow the guide below to learn how to ingest Sony FX6 4K MXF clips to Premiere Pro CC.

First of all, launch the best Sony FX6 to Premiere Pro converter, click Add to load your source 4K MXF videos.

MXF to Premiere Pro Converter-convert MXF to MOV for Premiere Pro on Mac/Windows

Next, decide output format. To edit with Premiere Pro CC, Format > Editing Software >Adobe Premeire AVC (*.mov) would be the best choice. You can choose MPEG-2 MPG as output format too,

MXF to Premiere Pro Converter-convert MXF to MOV for Premiere Pro on Mac/Windows

Something else, if the default settings do not fit your needs, you can click “Settings” button to adjust audio and video parameters as you like. You can stick to 4K source or downscale 4K to 1080p for easier editing. If you want to get 4K resolution, please select “Orginal” in “Resolution (pix)” column. Of course, you can choose 4K MP4 under “4K” category.

Editor’s Note: Shooting 4K and scaling down to 1080 looks better because each final 1080p pixel is actually the average of 4 original 4K pixels. This “averaging” of pixels increases color accuracy, sharpness, and improves noise performance.

The last step would be to click Convert button to start transcoding Sony FX6 4K MXF to H.264. Then load and edit with Premier Pro CC with smooth workflow.


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