Can I watch MKV movies on LG V35 ThinQ?

“Can I play downloaded MKV movies on LG V35 ThinQ? I just purchased the LG V35 ThinQ the day before yesterday, and I have many movies that are in MKV format, now I want to transfer MKV video to V35 ThinQ for playing in leisure time. I failed every time, it seems that LG V35 ThinQ cann’t recognizes MKV format. Can you help me? What’s the best way to copy and watch MKV files on LG V35 ThinQ?”

As an upgrade to LG’s “other” flagship, the V35 ThinQ is a serviceable smartphone. It is as powerful as its contemporaries, has a solid OLED display, and maintains a featherweight edge-to-edge design that doesn’t feel as overengineered as your typical premium handset nowadays — and that includes the LG G7 ThinQ.

As more and more users got the LG V35 ThinQ, many of them may have the problems showed above. The LG V35 ThinQ is so excellent that it is great for us to take and enjoy movies on it. Nowadays movies and videos are in different video formats, like MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV, etc. Does LG V35 ThinQ support MKV? From LG official website we know that the V35 ThinQ supported video formats are limited, it only supports MP4/DviX/XviD/H.265/WMV format, so you can’t play MKV and other formats on LG V35 ThinQ directly.

How to play MKV moives and other video formats on LG V35 ThinQ? The best way is to convert MKV and other videos to LG V35 ThinQ supported formats, like H.264 MP4 format, and then you can play movies on LG V35 ThinQ without problems. Now please follow the easy steps below to convert MKV to LG V35 ThinQ compatible formats, if you have videos in other formats, the steps are the same.

Free download MKV to LG V35 ThinQ Converter

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Tip: How to play iTunes movies on LG V35 ThinQ?
The article simply reviews the rumor about the LG V35 ThinQ in the first and tells us how to watch iTunes M4V movies on LG V35 ThinQ.

Convert MKV to LG V35 ThinQ supported format for playback

1. Download and install MKV to LG V35 ThinQ Converter, this software will help you convert MKV files to LG V35 ThinQ supported format, more input and output formats are supported.

MKV to LG V35 ThinQ Converter | Convert MKV to H.264 MP4 for playing on LG V35 ThinQ

2. Run this LG V35 ThinQ MKV Converter, import MKV files to the software. And then choose output format, here you can choose MP4 for output, this format is also used by many devices, you can also choose other formats as you need.

LG V35 ThinQ MKV Converter - Watch MKV movies on LG V35 ThinQ

3. You can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc. you can choose resolution as 1280*720, then you can play 720P movies on LG V35 ThinQ. If your videos are 1080P resource, you can select 1920*1080 as output resolution.

4. Click convert button to start the MKV files to LG V35 ThinQ conversion.
This software supports NVIDIA CUDA acceleration, so it will help you convert MKV files to LG V35 ThinQ at a fast speed. Now please follow the steps above and have a try, hope this software can solve your LG V35 ThinQ MKV playback problems.


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