Play iTunes movies and music on Surface 2 freely


Play iTunes movies and music on Surface 2 freely

“Is there an App can sync iTunes to Surface 2? I transfer a movie from iTunes to Surface 2 via USB cable, but my Surface 2 can’t play it. Why? Please give me some suggestions. Thanks!!!”

Play iTunes movies and music on Surface 2 freelySurface 2
Made of magnesium alloy and toughened glass, it’s also slightly thinner and lighter that the previous model. Surface 2 uses a 1.7 GHz quad-core Nvidia Tegra 4 chipset with 2 GB of RAM; Microsoft claimed that the new chipset and other improvements to its internal hardware made the Surface 2 three to four times faster than the original Surface RT, and that it had 10 hours of battery life playing videos. And the the Surface 2 uses a 1080p display.

Can I Play iTunes movies on Surface 2?
Most of us are used to downloading movies from iTunes to tablet and phone. You can freely transfer and play these videos to Apple devices such as the New iPad, iPhone 5S, Apple TV 3. However, you’ll find it impossible to play iTunes videos on Surface 2. Even sync iTunes movies via syncing software, though you can’t play these  video files on Surface 2. The movies and TV shows from iTunes are protected by DRM which is the main reason why you are not allowed to directly copy iTunes M4V videos to Non-Apple devices for playing.

To play iTunes M4V on Surface 2, you should remove DRM from iTunes M4V first. Well, what you need is an iTunes to Surface 2 converter. Also, you need to convert M4V to Surface 2 compatible video formats like MP4. iTunes Media Converter is highly recommended to help bypass DRM and convert iTunes protected M4V video to Surface 2 or Surface Pro 2.

Free download iTunes to Surface 2 Converter trial version.

Free download iTunes to Surface 2 ConverterDownload Surface 2 iTunes Converter

How to Convert movies to Surface 2?

To convert iTunes movies to Surface 2 files, Surface 2 iTunes Converter here is used. With ultra-fast conversion speed, the Windows app can easily convert iTunes M4V movies to Surface 2 compatible format in 3 steps:

Step 1: Add iTunes movie into Surface 2 iTunes converter
You can directly drag and drop your videos to the app. Batch conversions are supported so you can import several files to convert. You can click “Add…” to import the video that you want to convert.

iTunes to Surface 2 Converter

Step 2: Select Output Format-MP4
Surface 2 compatible many video formats, MP4 is one of them. So, you can click “Video files to” to choose “HD Video” > “MP4” as output profile. MP4 is a common video format,  the smart phone and tablet devices well support to play MP4 format video.

Convert iTuens M4V to MP4 for Surface 2

Step 3: Start iTunes movies to Surface 2 conversion
Click Start button to start converting iTunes DRM protected M4V movies to Surface 2 tablet.

After the conversion finishes, you can easily sync those converted iTunes movies to your Surface 2 for watching. Click “Open” buton to locate the converted video files, then transfer the converted iTuens video to Surface 2.

How to transfer/copy/sync iTunes music to Surface 2?

If the music purchased from iTunes years ago, most of the songs in iTunes Store are DRM protected. For playing iTunes music on Surface 2, we can remove the DRM protection with iTunes to Surface 2 Converter. If you have got some iTunes music in CAF, MOV, AIFF, etc., you need to convert the music format to the format that Surface 2 supports. After conversion, you can transfer or sync iTunes music to Surface 2.

Update: Now you can also use this software to convert iTunes to Surface Pro 3 tablet, after conversion, you can play iTunes on Surface Pro 3 freely.

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