Panasonic MXF to AVI Converter-P2 MXF files to AVI


Panasonic MXF to AVI Converter-P2 MXF files to AVI

“I have just bought a Panasonic camcorder which records MXF video format, this format is not supported by many editing software and players, I want to convert Panasonic MXF to AVI format, can you recommend a good MXF video converter on Mac and Windows that can convert MXF to AVI with best quality?”

If you have used Panasonic camcorder recorded many MXF video footages, you may have the needs showed above. Many camcorder or camera users have the need to convert MXF to AVI format or other widely used format like MP4 for editing or playback, in this case, you will need a good MXF to AVI converter, here you can use our HD Video Converter for Mac or Windows, it is top HD converter that can convert MXF and other HD format to any formats you need, video and audio synchronization is guaranteed.

Here are the easy steps to convert 1080p Panasonic MXF to AVI for editing or playback.

1.Free download HD Video Converter for Mac or Windows, install and run it as the best Panasonic MXF video converter.

Free Download HD Video Converter for Mac or Windows

2.Import your video footages to this Panasonic MXF to AVI converter, and then choose output format you need. You can choose HD AVI format if you need to convert MXF to AVI, other formats are also optimized for editing and playback.

3.You can click settings button to adjust the output parameters, like resolution and bitrate.

4.Click convert button to converting Panasonic MXF to AVI format with the best video converter for Panasonic.

When the conversion is finished, you can import converted videos to editing software or players. Please take a free try, hope this software can help you convert 1080 60p MXF files to AVI easily.

Free Download HD Video Converter for Mac or Windows

About MXF

MXF is in the process of evolving from standard to deployment. The breadth of the standard can lead to interoperability problems as vendors implement different parts of the standard.
MXF is fairly effective at the interchange of D10 (IMX) material, mainly because of the success of the Sony eVTR and Sony’s eVTR RDD to SMPTE. Workflows combining the eVTR, Avid NLE systems, and broadcast servers using MXF in coordination with AAF are now possible.
Long-GOP MPEG-2 material interchange between video servers is possible, as broadcasters develop application specifications they expect their vendors to implement.
As of Autumn 2005, there were major interoperability problems with MXF in broadcast post-production use. The two data-recording camera systems which produced MXF at that time, Sony’s XDCAM and Panasonic’s DVCPRO P2, produced mutually incompatible files due to opaque subformat options obscured behind the MXF file extension. Without advanced tools, it was impossible to distinguish these incompatible formats.

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