How to watch Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab 3?


How to watch Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab 3?

If you have got the nice Galaxy Tab 3, you may like playing hot movies on it. But, do you kown how to transfer and watch Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0 or 10.1? This guide will help you convert and compress Blu-ray for your Galaxy Tab 3.

Watch Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab 3The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 with 720P resolution is perfect for viewing HD movies, it has an outstanding viewing screen that is bright, vivid, and doesn’t give you eye strain from squinting. However, Samsung makes it so difficult to import your Blu-ray movies. The GalaxyTab 3 comes with a minimum of 16GB of storage space-plenty of room for a user’s music collection, numerous apps, and photos galore.  Here I will show you how to easily convert Blu-ray to digital files that are fully compatible with the Galaxy Tab 3 (7.0, 8.0, 10.1).

Given that the Galaxy Tab 3 lacks a Blu-ray drive for uploading files, there does seem to be one big question. However, Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter makes it easy to rip and copy Blu-ray movies for playback on Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0 and 10.1.

Free download Windows Version Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 ConverterFree download Mac Version Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter

How to convert Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 best video format?

Step 1: Run Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter
Free download Blu-ray Ripper as the top Blu-ray to Galay Tab 3 Converter, install and launch it. The interface is simple, you can understand what to do even you are a new user. Click  Blu-ray icon to load in source file. You can load directly from Blu-ray disc or load in ISO/IFO files from your hard drive. Galaxy Tab 3 Blu-ray Ripper enables to preview Blu-ray movies before converting.

Play Blu-ray on Galaxy Tab 3

Step 2: Choose Galaxy Tab 3 best format – MP4.
Click “Format” to choose the output format. Choose “Android” and then “Advent Vega H.264 Video (*.mp4)”. It is the best video format for Galaxy Tab 3.

Rip, convert Blu-ray to MP4 for Galaxy Tab 3 7.0, 8.0, 10.1

You can click “Settings” to do some adjustment to the videos and audio according to your need such as size and bitrate.

Tip: Galaxy Tab 3 resolution: 7-inch: 1024 * 600, 8-inch: 1280 * 800, 10.1-inch: 1280 * 800

Step 3: Convert Blu-ray to MP4 for Galaxy Tab 3
Choose output route for the videos and click red convert button. Blu-ray to Galaxy Tab 3 Converter utilizes all cores to speed up encoding process and is 5X faster than others, so the time used is much less. When the process has completed, click “open” to find the converted movies. You can transfer the converted Blu-ray movies to Galaxy Tab 3 via Galaxy Tab 3 USB cable. Now, you can watch Blu-ray movies on Galaxy Tab 3 anywhere anytime.

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