How to Upload Sony PMW-F55/F5 XAVC Video to YouTube?


How to Upload Sony PMW-F55/F5 XAVC Video to YouTube?

YouTube allows you to upload and share content you create to its servers free of charge. To upload content to YouTube, you must be in possession of the original files you recorded and the length of the files should be at or below 15 minutes. Another important point is making sure the video file should be the only formats accepted by YouTube. And the file formats YouTube support to upload including MOV, MPEG-4, AVI, WMV, MPEG-PS, FLV, 3GPP, WebM.

If you want to upload Sony PMW-F5/F55 XAVC video to YouTube, you will need to convert the XAVC video to one of the aforementioned YouTube supported file formats. But since XAVC is a new camera recording format, few applications support it as an input format, not to mention freeware. Nonetheless, licensed program like HD Video Converter is capable of converting XAVC video to various file formats that are supported by YouTube. To convert Sony PMW-F55/F5 XAVC to YouTube video on Mac, please select HD Video Converter for Mac.

XAVC to YouTube Converter  XAVC to YouTube Converter for Mac

Upload Sony PMW-F55/F5 XAVC Video to YouTube

How to Use XAVC to YouTube Converter

1, Import XAVC video files to the program
2, Select output profile as YouTube suggested one
3, Start the conversion
4, Click “Open” button to locate the converted videos

Upload XAVC Video to YouTube

When the conversion is done, you can follow the steps below to upload the converted video files to YouTube:
-Log in to your YouTube account using your Google account.
-Click the “Upload” button at the top of the YouTube landing page.
-Click “Select files to upload” icon, in the pop out “File Upload” window, locate and choose the converted XAVC videos on your computer, then hit “Open” to start the uploading process.
-Enter the title, description, tags and category for the video during the uploading process.

Tips when Using the XAVC to YouTube Converter

Besides converting XAVC to YouTube, the program also provides some basic video editing features: if your video clips are more than 15 minutes, you can trim it to a length that are compatible with YouTube or use the crop function to remove black sides in the frame or crop out unwanted parts. You can also apply image/text watermark to your video to avoid unauthorized use and distribution of your creative work.

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