How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat History from Android Devices


How to Restore Deleted WhatsApp Chat History from Android Devices

More and more android users are tend to use WhatsApp as their chat tool, as WhatsApp Messager lets you send unlimited messages to contact anywhere. However, some of Android users recently encountered a weird problem that WhatsApp messages went disappeared without deleting. Thus, we specially write this article to guide you several simple ways to restore deleted WhatsApp messages on Android devices (including  Galaxy S6, HTC one M9, LG G4, Galaxy Note 5, Sony Xperia Z5, Motorola Moto X and more android phones and tablets.)

 Android Data Recovery for WhatsApp

Part 1. Recover Recent WhatsApp Chats (less than 7 days)

Restore WhatsApp Chat by Uninstalling and Reinstalling WhatsApp

WhatsApp automatically backs up chat history every day at 4 am system time. Its WhatsApp backup folder can be stored for up to 7 days. It is surprisingly simple to restore WhatsApp chat history that less than seven days old by uninstalling and reinstalling WhatsApp.

– Backup your current WhatsApp chat history. Any new messages sent/received after a backup, and deleted before the next backup, cannot be restored.

– Uninstall WhatsApp. Navigate to Settings > Applications > WhatsApp > Uninstall. Then reboot Android device.

– Reinstall WhatsApp. Open WhatsApp and continue to the next screen step by step. Then verify your phone number.

– Restore WhatsApp messages. Hit the “Restore” button when prompted.

Part 2. Restore Older WhatsApp Messages (over 7 days)

WhatsApp chats older than seven days old are slightly more difficult to restore. Here we offer the other two options to retrieve deleted WhatsApp messages on android devices.

Option 1. Manually Restore WhatsApp

– Find its Database folder in the SD card – the extract route is


– Go to chat files that saved with names like “msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt”

where “YYYY-MM-DD” is the year, month and date respectively.

– Rename “msgstore.db.crypt”, adding “OLD” or something similar to the file name.

– Find file from before you accidentally lost everything and rename it “msgstore.db.crypt”.

– Back to your android device, then uninstall and reinstall WhatsApp in the same way as part 1.


Note: Restoring older WhatsApp chat as above will erase current messages. You can recover new messages by repeating the process above.

Option 2. Recover WhatsApp Messages on Android with Android Data Recovery

The most convenient and reliable way to recover WhatsApp chat history from android devices is using Android Data Recovery program. With this android WhatsApp recovery tool , you can recover the older WhatsApp chats without losing the current messages. Besides, it allows you directly recover WhatsApp messages from Android device without any backups with ease.

Free download Android Data Recovery

– Download and install free trail version of Android Data Recovery.

– Connect Android device to computer with USB cable.

– Set up Android device to enable USB debugging.

– Run Android Data Recovery program. It will automatically detect your Android device. Simply click “Start” to scan WhatsApp messages.

– Preview and restore deleted WhatsApp chat history. After scan completes, choose “WhatsApp Messages” and tap “Recover”.

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Note: Don’t use your Android device after you lost WhatsApp messages, as the deleted chat history will probably be overwritten by any new content added later.

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