Import and edit Sony VENICE 4K XAVC in iMovie and Avid

Import and edit Sony VENICE 4K XAVC in iMovie and Avid

Sony VENICE is a professional high-end camcorder that can help you to capture top quality 4K videos, with this excellent camcorder you can simply concentrate on filming, and not the camera. Have you recorded some 4K XAVC files with Sony VENICE? Do you want to load Sony VENICE 4K XAVC files to iMovie and Avid and then edit natively? Just follow the content below, in this article we will share the best Sony VENICE to iMovie and Sony VENICE to Avid workflow.Read More

Panasonic HC-V550 AVCHD to iMovie MOV Converter

The ultra-compact Panasonic HC-V550 camcorder takes stunning 1080/60p AVCHD video that helps users record good memory. After got 1080p full HD videos generated by Panasonic HC-V550, you may want to edit these Panasonic HC-V550 videos with Mac tools like iMoive.Read More

Import Panasonic HC-V750 to iMovie for editing on Mac

“I couldn’t get footages from Panasonic HC-V750 into iMovie on Mac and was wondering what people are using in order to get the Panasonic HC-V750 AVCHD videos into iMovie on the Mac – I understand that AVCHD MTS files are not natively supported by iMovie onRead More

Import/load Sony PJ340 files to iMovie and edit with best format

Sony PJ340 is an excellent camcorder on the market, it has striking features, it equipped with Built-in Projector, Wide Angle Sony G Lens, 2.7″ Clear Photo LCD Display, NFC / Wi-Fi Control, Transfer, & Data Backup, Face Detection with Voice Enhancement and Noise Reduction, and it records Full HD 1920×1080 video in AVCHD and MP4 format.Read More

Import Sony AX100 AVCHD MTS files to iMovie on Mac

“I have bought a Sony AX100 camcorder and had a problem with my software, when I want to load Sony AX100 AVCHD videos to iMovie, I always find the imovie can’t support Sony AX100 MTS files, the video format maybe not supported by imovie. How can I import Sony Read More