Import and edit Sony VENICE 4K XAVC in iMovie and Avid

Import and edit Sony VENICE 4K XAVC in iMovie and Avid

Sony VENICE is a professional high-end camcorder that can help you to capture top quality 4K videos, with this excellent camcorder you can simply concentrate on filming, and not the camera. Have you recorded some 4K XAVC files with Sony VENICE? Do you want to load Sony VENICE 4K XAVC files to iMovie and Avid and then edit natively? Just follow the content below, in this article we will share the best Sony VENICE to iMovie and Sony VENICE to Avid workflow.Read More

How to Work GoPro Hero 6 4K H.265 in Avid Media Composer?

The Best Action Camera. GoPro Hero 6 is a capable tool for videographers and hybrid shooters providing record 4K video at 60 frames per second (fps) and shoot slo-mo 1080p video at 240 fps. However, some users can’t successfully import the GoPro Hero 6 H.265/HEVC video in Avid Media Composer or other NLEs for editing. If you’re searching for a solid answer for GoPro Hero 6 H.265 video to Avid issues, you are in the right place. Get the solution now.Read More

Canon XC10 to Avid Media Composer

In this article you will know the way to import Canon XC10 MXF files to Avid Media Composer and edit natively, you will also get the best Canon XC10 MXF converter which will convert Canon XC10 MXF files to DNxHD codec MOV format for Avid Media Composer.Read More

Import Sony AX100 AVCHD files to Avid Media Composer

In this article, you can learn the best way to import and edit Sony AX100 files with Avid Media Composer natively.

Sony AX100 camcorder is one of the most popular camcorders on the market, it can records 4K videos as well as 1080 60p files. Sony AX100 can help its users to record their beautiful memories clearly and vividly. But when the elated users want to edit their Sony AX100 1080/60p MTS files with Avid Media Composer, they will be disappointed to find that the Avid Media Composer can not support Read More