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Convert Blu-ray/DVD/Any Format to Motorola One Supported Formats

Looking for the way playing Blu-ray, DVD, MKV, AVI, WMV, VOB, MOV, MPEG, DivX, XviD files on Motorola One? Follow this easy guide to convert any movie to to Motorola One supported video formats. Read More


Sony a6400 iMovie – Edit Sony a6400 4K XAVC S in iMovie

Sony a6400 is one of the most popular cameras on the market now, it is able to help you capture high quality 4K videos as well as take vivid images, many fans have selected Sony a6400 as their main camera. In this article we would like to share an easy method to edit Sony a6400 4K XAVC S in iMovie, you will be able to handle your Sony a6400 recorded 4K videos on your Mac easily. What’s more, you will get a powerful 4K video converter to deal with your recordings. Read More


Can’t play MKV movies on LG G8 ThinQ – Solved

Q: Hi admin, I can’t open .mkv videos on my LG G8 ThinQ, how to solve this problem?

A: With MKV to LG G8 ThinQ Converter, you can convert MKV, AVI, MOV, WMV even Blu-ray and DVD to LG G8 supported format easily. You’ll be able to enjoy any format video on LG G8 ThinQ freely. Read More


Convert video to Moto G7/G7 Play/G7 Power supported format

Learn the best video converter to help you play MKV/AVI/MOV/MP4 movies on Moto G7, G7 Play and G7 Power.

Moto smartphones are loved by many fans, several months ago Moto released the new smartphones for this year, they are Moto G7/G7 Play/G7 Power, in order to help you get better multimedia experience with Moto smartphones, we would like to share the best method to play MKV/AVI/MOV/MP4 movies on Moto G7/G7 Play/G7 Power, you will know Moto G7 supported formats in this article, and you will get the best video converter tool to convert unsupported videos to Moto G7 supported formats. Read More


Simple 3 ways to Sync iPhone Data to Galaxy S10

Galaxy series are known as the Samsung flagship killer and performance beast. Just like their slogan: Never settle. After Switching to Galaxy 10, the first thing you want to do is to sync all data from old phones to new Galaxy S10. We may know many ways when comes to transferring data from an Android device to another. Nevertheless, concerning data transferring between iOS (iPhone XS Max, iPhone XS, iPhone XR, iPhone X, iPhone 8/7/6) and Android devices, you may prefer a professional help from us. Three reliable solutions will be shared in this article. Let’s give a deliberate decision after the reading. Read More


How to watch MKV and AVI movies on Galaxy M40/M30?

Have you bought Samsung Galaxy M40 or Galaxy M30 as your new smartphone? The Galaxy M40 and M30 smartphones have equipped with big screen, so it is great for you to enjoy movies with Galaxy M40/M30. In this article we would like to share the best way to play MKV and AVI movies on Galaxy M40/M30, you will be able to solve the compatibility issue easily, what’s more, you will get the best video converter software to convert any unsupported videos to compatible format for Galaxy M40/M30. Read More


How to upload 4K H.265/HEVC to Instagram?

I recorded some beautiful videos with the Fujifilm X-T3 camera. I plan to upload these H.265 files to Instagram and I tried four times, but all failed. Is there an easy way to upload Fujifilm 4K H.265 files to Instagram? – Phillip Porter
Read More